(cesta) Sytax Fehlermeldung

zcat (cesta)/koules1.1c-src.tar.gz | tar xvf -
Es kommt die Fehlermeldung
bash: Syntaxfehler beim unerwarteten Wort >>cesta<<

Was muss ich für (cesta) eingeben?

Sorry, that was German

zcat (cesta)/koules1.1c-src.tar.gz | tar xvf -
The error message appears
bash: Unexpected word syntax error >>cesta<<

What do I have to enter for (cesta)?

assuming you try to snap koules, i wouldnt use the zcat/tar -xf stuff, but simply do:

    source: http://www.ucw.cz/~hubicka/koules/packages/koules1.4-src.tar.gz
    source-type: tar

that will automatically do the “zcat/tar” steps for you and unpack the tarball

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