Categories excluded from latest

I didn’t realize until just now :man_facepalming: that it would appear some categories are muted from Latest. Is that true? If so, do I have any individual control over that? I just unmuted categories from my settings but I don’t think that was all of them that are excluded. Are any excluded from latest?

i think the muting in your settings only applies to notifications …

Right. That’s what I thought also. I guess the first question is, are categories excluded from the “Latest” page?

To answer my own question, I think not now. For some reason I did not recall seeing that many recent posts in the snap category but I see now in Latest I was mistaken. Disregard, I’m off to get more caffeine. :slight_smile:

well, see the other thread, it was actually accidentialy excluded … but thats an admin thing, nothing you can influence as a user in your settings …

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Thanks @ogra. I think that was the source of my confusion. For a moment while I was looking it was excluded! :slight_smile:

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