Cassandra snap - change publisher to "Canonical"

Hello snapcrafters - please can we get the Apache Cassandra snap published by “Canonical” instead of “Snapcrafters”.

snap-id kSMhyGixymOj6ZTMEY9vDdAFhfgg23KE

Thanks! Rob

+1 from me, especially if this aids in the dev process. In general, I’d also recommend reaching out to upstream to see if they can/want to own the snap. I can assist in the process, if needed.

cool thanks! Any progress yet though?

This was in the snap-requests category which wasn’t the correct one to catch the attention of the right people. I’ve moved it to the correct store-requests.

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thanks, but I still don’t see the publisher change?

I apologize for this not being properly documented. Canonical-owned snaps should have a reasonable commitment to maintenance. Cassandra has two external collaborators, you need to evaluate if you want that in a Canonical-owned snap. We also ask that they are stable and have proper metadata so they also present adequately in, given that they will be associated with Canonical’s name.

To that end, crucially, this snap does not have stable-channel releases. I would request that you properly test your snap builds and get them to a point where you’re comfortable doing a stable release. Once that’s done, let me know and we can transfer to the Canonical account.

Additionally, it’d be great if the description could be spruced up a bit, it is very spartan and not nicely formatted (it’s a single line that only says basically “this is cassandra yay”). This is what appears here (

Let me know once this is done and I can have another look.

  • Daniel