Can't update, install or fix Steam Snap (cannot use "/etc/fonts" as mount point)

Suddenly on Solus the updating of Steam Snap stopped working:

"snap install steam error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Run configure hook of “steam” snap if present (run hook “configure”:

cannot update snap namespace: cannot use “/etc/fonts” as mount point: not a directory snap-update-ns failed with code 1"

What is going on here and how can i fix or reinstall Steam Snap? Thanks.

Ps. This happened on Solus if it matters.

Does /etc/fonts exist on your host?

No it doesn’t. Now what? Or are you suggesting that creating an empty folder there makes the Steam snap work again? :thinking:

Probably rather fixing the hook to look in the right location for it (wherever that is on solus, not having it is extremely unusual)

Ok, but how do i do this? With what command? The instructions on the error message is confusing. snap hook configure /etc/fonts ?

There is nothing you can do to fix it, it must be fixed in the snap… you can try to work around it by creating the dir but I fear there’s more to it than just the dir (fontconfig (the tool managing all your fonts) would by default have all its configuration in that dir, seems solus somehow patched that out in their setup and goes their own non-standard way that the snap would need to learn about)

But how can this be this way? The Steam Snap used to work! Then this “unknown and unfixable” thing “happened” (i mean how?! i didn’t do anything as far as i know). I’m completely confused.

The regular Steam works fine still.

Perhaps your system had a /etc/fonts dir and an update removed or moved that?

What revision of the snap do you have installed?

snap info steam

Output is:

name: steam summary: Launcher for the Steam software distribution service (Early Access) publisher: Canonical✓ store-url: contact: license: unset description: | Steam is a software distribution service with an online store, automated installation, automatic updates, achievements, SteamCloud synchronized savegame and screenshot functionality, and many social features. commands:

  • steam.glxgears
  • steam.glxinfo
  • steam
  • steam.test
  • steam.vkcube
  • steam.vulkaninfo snap-id: NeoQngJVBf2wKC48bxnF2xqmfEFGdVnx tracking: latest/candidate refresh-date: today at 00:22 EEST channels: latest/stable: 2023-08-25 (154) 191MB - latest/candidate: 2023-08-17 (154) 191MB - latest/beta: 2023-08-07 (154) 191MB - latest/edge: 2023-08-17 (158) 216MB - installed: (136) 188MB - WARNING: There is 1 new warning. See ‘snap warnings’.

You have a very old revision of steam installed, have you disabled refreshes? Maybe the snap warning might have a clue why you haven’t gotten updates? What’s the output of the “snap warnings” command?