Can't set permission/ set hardware-observer


Hey Guys,

I just got a freshly installed ubuntu 18.04 and installed snaps like wonderwall and gimp on it.
Sadly I can’t set the permission for these things.
Flipping the switch in ubuntus-software does nothing and changes back as soon i close it and open it again.
Entering the command snap connect wonderwall:hardware-observe doesn’t do anything at all as well. The command then appears in the snap changes but I still cant open the program nor does the permission changes in ubuntu-software.

OS is fully upgraded and have restarted multiple times.

I also ran it as sudo.

Any ideas?


what is the output of snap version


snap 2.36.1
snapd 2.36.1
series 16
ubuntu 18.04
kernel 4.15.0-1026-oem


That might be an issue. Where did you get your kernel from?


I got it pre-installed with my dell laptop. (developer edition, therefore ubuntu)
Is that one outdated? not supported?

edit: updating now
edit2: updated to 4.19 …same issue