Can't run snapcraft pack on macos anymore


I maintain goreleaser, which uses snapcraft (and can build snapcraft packages).

Recently, I’ve upgraded my local snapcraft, and now snapcraft pack fails with:

A tool snapcraft depends on could not be found: 'snap'

Recommended resolution:
Ensure that 'snapd' is installed.

The docs don’t point out how to install snapd, so I’m not sure how to proceed here.

Any pointers?

Issue upstream:

This is better served in the #snapcraft topic as the snapcraft devs such as @cjp256 and @sergiusens will see it, but this seems like a bug introduced by snapcraft moving to use snap pack to produce the .snap file instead of calling mksquashfs directly as it used to.

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Yeah, someone updated the formula on homebrew and this trickled out. I am trying to find the formula for “snap” that @chipaca worked on to add it as a proper dependency. Do you know anything about that @ijohnson?

We don’t want to go back to mksquashfs since the plan was for snapcraft to use snap pack on all platforms.

@caarlos0 in the meantime the quickest way out of this is to pin the version of snapcraft from homebrew brew install snapcraft@<known-wokring-version>

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Unfortunately I don’t, I’ve asked the rest of the team if they know anything about where that recipe is, etc. but it will be tomorrow before we hear back as most of them are in EU and EOD already today.


For completions sake, I am copying over the bullet points from my reply to the issue and how to workaround it.

The last item is the end goal.


Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile: