Can't restore a snaphot


I removed and saved a rocket chat snap. When I run sudo snap saved I can see my snapshot:


However when I try to restore it with sudo snap restore 1 after ~15 minutes it displays Restored snapshot #1 and the folder /var/snap/rocketchat-server is created with content inside. The problem is that it seems it is not installed.

Running sudo snap list prints only the core:

Name  Version    Rev   Tracking       Publisher   Notes
core  16-2.44.3  9066  latest/stable  canonical✓  core

Is there a extra step or parameter I need?


Hi, what is snap version and do you have anything in /var/snap/rocketchat-server ?

Did you remember to install the snap? You still need to do that when you restore a snapshot, I believe.

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That’s correct, snapshots only include snap data, not the snap itself.