Can't Remove/Uninstall Snap Packages

Yesterday, i’m trying install Apache NetBeans 11.1 from Snap through command line. Now, i want to remove/uninstall Apache NetBeans 11.1 through command line using command:
sudo snap remove netbeans
but, failed. Trying to remove using snap-store but same, failed.

logs when uninstall through command line

[sudo] password for ervan:
error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Save data of snap “netbeans” in automatic snapshot set #14 (cannot create archive: runuser: failed to execute tar: No such file or directory (and 0 more))

error when uninstall through snap-store

Unable to remove “Apache Netbeans”:
cannot perform the following tasks:

Hm. It looks like the automatic backup is failing for some reason.

Do you have tar installed? (what does which tar print?)

To unblock you, snap remove --purge netbeans would skip the pre-remove backup. You might need to be on snapd 2.40 for that to work though, which some distros don’t have yet. You could disable auto-backups globally though (via snap set, in the docs).


@chipaca thanks that worked like a charm :+1:t2: