Can't remove snap packages on Manjaro

Hello, I’m trying to remove some packages from snap but every time it gives an error. For example when I type:

sudo snap remove --purge kolourpaint

it results in:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Remove data for snap "kolourpaint" (104) (unlinkat /home/user/snap/kolourpaint/104/bin: read-only file system)

The packages also still appear in the snap list. How can I remove them completely? Thank you in advance!

Could you provide some insight as to why your local system user looks to be called snap, and the snap directories aren’t being mounted relative to neither /snap nor /var but seemingly in $HOME.

It’s difficult to guess what’s going on because your system layout looks fairly customized.

Edit: I’m an idiot. The user is called user. I was assuming it could be a networked filesystem with multiple users in a user folder!

No worries, it’s a little unusual looking but since you’re using --purge and trying to remove it, I’m going to assume you’re happy just to have it gone.

Give rm -rf /home/user/snap/kolourpaint a go. If you see permission errors, try sudo rm -rf /home/user/snap/kolourpaint, though always try the least forceful first :slight_smile:

That should be the user configuration directory for Kolourpaint (that’s why the presence of bin is confusing me, because that would look like the actual program files). Once they’re removed, try sudo snap remove kolourpaint --purge again and see if it works.

I’d usually prefix this with keep backups, but I don’t think you’re wanting backups in this case.

It could just be something trivial like a symbolic link pointing to the program files, where the system is trying to delete from an immutable filesystem, I think very rarely I’ve caused similar myself.

Could you let us know the content given from the command lsblk :slight_smile: ? Hopefully it might clear some confusion up.

(Because it does genuinely look like somehow the program files are in your user folder).