Can't remove nextcloud installed as a snap

Hello i am trying to uninstall nextcloud that was installed as a snap but it keeps giving me errors.

Nextcloud is still functioning just fine and accessible.

I’m running it on a headless Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS server.

This is what i get when i try and remove nextcloud.

childapple@ca-titan:~/minecraft$ sudo snap remove nextcloud
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Stop snap "nextcloud" services (systemctl command [stop snap.nextcloud.apache.service] failed with exit status 1: ERROR:systemctl:Unit snap.nextcloud.apache.service not found.

if i check systemctl this is whatt i get

childapple@ca-titan:~/minecraft$ sudo systemctl | grep nextcloud
snap-nextcloud-31222.mount      loaded unknown dead     Mount unit for nextcloud, revision 31222
snap-nextcloud-31563.mount      loaded unknown dead     Mount unit for nextcloud, revision 31563
snap.nextcloud.apache.service   loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.apache.service
snap.nextcloud.logrotate.service        loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.logrotate.service
snap.nextcloud.logrotate.timer  loaded unknown dead     NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.logrotate.timer
snap.nextcloud.mdns-publisher.service   loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.mdns-publisher.serv                                                           ice
snap.nextcloud.mysql.service    loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.mysql.service
snap.nextcloud.nextcloud-cron.service   loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.nextcloud-cron.serv                                                           ice
snap.nextcloud.nextcloud-fixer.service  loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.nextcloud-fixer.ser                                                           vice
snap.nextcloud.php-fpm.service  loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.php-fpm.service
snap.nextcloud.redis-server.service     loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.redis-server.servic                                                           e
snap.nextcloud.renew-certs.service      loaded inactive dead    NOT-FOUND snap.nextcloud.renew-certs.service

I am really lost and don’t know how to fix this, I’ve literally have spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.