Can't register snap


We’re trying to register a portion of fwupd into a snap (fwupdtool) but in the process of doing tests with a fork before the snapcraft yaml was merged into master it seems that fwupdtool and fwupd are both reserved now and can’t be activated.

“For fwupdtool – “Sorry, that name is already taken. Try a different name.””

What do we do?

The admin (@hughsie) tried to register it under hughsie-fwupd but it didn’t show up for me (@supem1) now under

I’m not sure what we should do now. Ideally we want it to be either “fwupdtool” or “fwupd” and both be able to see the builds.

hi Mario!

What you need done is a transfer of the names to the upstream developer’s account (I assume he has a snap store developer account).

I need to verify that the request is legitimate. Since there’s conversation in the upstream github repo, and you filed this Launchpad bug which allowed me to verify your identity, I’d just need to confirm that you and hughsie are indeed fine with this:

1- fwupdtool and fwupd would be “taken away” from Mario and moved to @hugsie’s account.
2- If @hugsie can indicate on his github issue that he wants to accept the transfer, I can take that as his acceptance of this.

Once you’ve both agreed I can process the transfer.

  • Daniel

We pre-registered a bunch of well known names in the archive to prevent people maliciously registering them. You can snapcraft register <snapname> and it should offer you a link to dispute the existing registration (which you should do, as upstreams of the tools), and we’ll approve it.

Edit: @roadmr has a better answer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. @hughsie just added a comment to the issue on Github confirming what you’re looking for.

Thanks, I have processed the transfer of fwupdtool.

Meanwhile - fwupd does not seem to be registered… @superm1 did you register this one?

Edit: I see @hugsie has requested registration of fwupd, it should be in @popey’s queue :slight_smile:

I registered fwupd-test since I couldn’t use fwupd when I was doing tests. That doesn’t need to move over, but if you could move the registration for “fwupd” from popey to hughsie that would be great.

We may in the future have a snap that covers more of fwupd than just fwupdtool, so would like to have that option.

Approved Richard’s registration of fwupd.

So with the changes made, I can see the page at and collaborate on that but I can’t see the repo in Is there some other knob that needs adjusting so I can see the builds as they go through?