Can't post snap reviews on snap store (ubuntu 21.10)

Hi, submitting a review for a snap on the snap store fails with this error (same for the gnome store): image

The only log I see is:

Jan 01 18:18:22 snap-store[3163]: Failed to set rating on ODRS: Bad Request

snap-store info:

tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 40 days ago, at 09:40 EST
  latest/stable:    3.38.0-66-gbd5b8f7     2021-11-22 (558) 56MB -
  latest/candidate: 3.31.1+git189.991d1d1d 2021-04-20 (539) 45MB -
  latest/beta:      3.38.0-66-gbd5b8f7     2021-11-12 (558) 56MB -
  latest/edge:      40.0-341-gb49ac9c      2021-09-20 (549) 48MB -
installed:          3.38.0-66-gbd5b8f7                (558) 56MB -

My system:


Anyone know how I can move on from this? Could this be a firewall issue?