Can't open files with foobar2000

Hi. Im using Ubuntu 20.04.3 (KDE) and installed foobar2000 snap via ‘Discover’. I did no additional settings. When I try to run any audio file in file manager (Dolphin) or in console (with path as command line parameter) - there is error pops in foobar:

Unknown commandline parameter: /home/snorlax212/sample.flac

When i drag and drop files or open them directly in foobar2000 (File - Open…) everything OK.
When audio file is recognized in properties it says it’s path start with Z:\ (eg Z:\home\snorlax212\sample.flac). So it looks like some path issues. Can you help me to resolve this problem?

Pushed fix update today snap refresh this should be working now.


Thank you! Now everything working!