Can't find use or find installed items via snapcraft after installing them

So I just started using linux and found out about snapcraft.
So I use it to download discord and visual studio code. However, I can only run them using sudo snap run , and when I do use it, I can’t do anything with the terminal tab. I can’t run any commands, and when I close the terminal tab it closes the app I was using. I can’t find the app anywhere on my desktop or files. I have downloaded chrome without snap, and It works perfectly fine.

I am using kali btw if that helps

UPDATE: figured out how to open apps while closing terminal but everything else is still a problem

Also I downloaded notepad++ and it had an install wizard and had an option to pin to desktop but after the install finished it didn’t work

If you haven’t logged out and back in since installing snapd, perhaps try doing that. Snap applications install their binaries to /snap/bin, and desktop files to /var/lib/snapd/desktop. Some scripts are provided to add these directories to the PATH and XDG_DATA_DIRS respectively. Those scripts are only run on login though (assuming they’re working correctly).

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