Can't DL Rambox/Snap. I'm clueless

Hi, thanks for letting me join.
Im going to start with the dreaded words I’m a noob to everything linux.
DL Linux Mint and watched a YT video of recommended programs to get you started.
Tried to get Rambox (twice) but couldn’t find it on my system.
Another forum gave me a link to you guys.
I tried entering the code in Terminal but it said nothing found. Clicked on Desktop DL but nothing happened.
Tried entering the code for snapd and also checking if I had snapd. Apparantly not.
So now I’m here. Stuck and more confused than ever.


Welcome to the Snap community :slight_smile:

Linux MINT doesn’t ship snapd out of the box, if I remember correctly, but it should be installable by running the following in your terminal:

sudo apt install snapd

Once you’ve got snapd installed you’ll be able to then run:

sudo snap install rambox

Because this is the first time you installed a snap on your system there will be some changes that require you to log out of your desktop and log back in again for them to be applied. Future installations beyond your first snap will not need you to do this - it’s a “first time only” per computer/distro thing.

Once you’re logged back into your desktop you should be able to run rambox either via a menu entry in your app launcher menu or by typing the command into a terminal:

rambox # or `snap run rambox` or `/snap/bin/rambox`

Daniel, thank you so much for the speedy response. Worked a
exactly as you said. Much obliged.