Can't admin application from Snapcraft account

The Polarr Photo Editor (polarr) snap is owned by but when I log in with that account and go to, the polarr snap is not listed there. Several months ago I shared the polarr snap with a couple accounts in the organization. When I log in with one of those accounts, the polarr snap is listed on and it says it’s owned by

  1. Where are the sharing settings? I used the page before to share administration of the snap to a couple accounts in the company but I can’t find the page now.
  2. Why can’t access the snap that it owns, but another account in the organization can access the snap and see that it’s owned by


The site at aggregates information from the snap store API and uses a new nice codebase to build the information it displays, and it’s somewhat weird that it says the snap is owned by, as I’ll explain in a moment.

To answer your questions and hopefully unblock you:

You probably did this on the developer dashboard, at I checked and indeed the snap was shared with two accounts, one of which hasn’t accepted the share apparently.

The very odd part here is this:

because it’s not; has no snaps. The snap is owned by the polarrco account, which has as its email (apologies for posting email addresses, but the latter one is public per snap info polarrco anyway.

So this explains “Why can’t access the snap that it owns” - it doesn’t, that’s (incidentally that’s the account you’d have to use to log into

To sum up:

And we can take it from there.

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Thanks @roadmr, that pretty much answers my questions. I think I mixed up the account names for and because I had multiple browser windows opened.

It would be nice if there was some way to switch accounts on like I can with Google OAuth. When I sign in to an account then sign out, next time I click sign in I’m automatically signed in to the same account and don’t have the option to select a different email address. I ended up using incognito windows to sign into a second account.

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You can do it in this (convoluted) way:

Most OpenID consumers/servers I’ve worked with do it this way: unless you log out of the identity provider, things are remembered even if you log out of the service provider. Note this uses OpenID 2.0-ish, not OpenID Connect which works on top of OAuth.


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