Can't access GTK Common Themes

Hi. I followed the instructions to install GTK Common Themes from here.

I hoped to be able to select different themes for my Raspberry Pi desktop installation. My Terminal appeared to busily proceed with the installation…but I can’t see any reference to it in my Raspberry menus. Should i be approaching this differently? Phil

It’s OK. I’ve found it. Preferences> Main Menu Editor.> Preferences. Enable Theme and Appearance at the bottom of the list. That makes Themes and Appearance available from Preferences. It looks like I just have the few themes available to Raspberry Pi. I don’t know what became of the GTK Common Themes download.

That snap is designed to provide common themes to other snaps so that they can match your desktop environment themselves; it’s unfortunately not designed for setting up the theme on your host environment itself.

I think the store listing is marked as unlisted to prevent it appearing in search results via snap find, the site, and desktop apps. But even unlisted snaps are accessible if you already know their name, which is why you can get the instructions above.

Essentially, it’s not expected anyone would have to manually worry about installing that snap. It should be automatic if other snaps need it, and if other snaps don’t need it, then you would not benefit from having it anyway.

Thanks…I’m getting better at Linux, but still have a long journey ahead of me.