Cannot use current base snap core

I started seeing this error message every time I’m using lxc exec.

snap lxd cannot use current base snap core because existing process are still using the old revision

The use of “cannot use” in the wording makes it look like an error to me. And it’s not entirely clear how to fix it. A snap restart came to mind, but @zyga-snapd pointed out that it could be processes other than the LXD server - and it wasn’t enough indeed.

I feel the message could more clearly present itself as non-fatal and tell me what revision it’s using since it’s not necessarily obvious how to find that out. For example:

Notice: The "lxd" snap will continue to use "core" revision 3958 as a base until all its processes have been restarted.

That doesn’t look like a message from snapd. It’s also not quite correct (“process are”).

Is this something recent we added, or LXD itself reporting it?

It appears to be coming from cmd/snap-confine/ns-support.c

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@kalikiana Thanks, it was merged recently indeed.

@mvo @zyga-snapd We need to address this before the release is out. We really don’t want to be displaying that every time a command line is executed.

@zyga-snapd That’s related to our conversation last night, by the way.

This is removed in