Cannot pack "/root/prime": mksquashfs call failed

Hello everyone. I am trying to snap an app and everytime, I get this multipass error

Failed to create snap, snap command failed:

error: cannot pack "/root/prime": mksquashfs call failed: Could not create destination file: Operation not permitted

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Run the same command again with --debug to shell into the environment if you wish to introspect this failure. 

I have no idea, if it’s multipass or snapcraft, that’s causing the issue. snapcraft --use-lxd seems to be working fine, but I want to use the multipass.

Here is my multipass version:

hiransarkar@hiransarkar-MS-7C09:~$ multipass --version
multipass   1.11.0
multipassd  1.11.0

And here are the contents of my snapcraft.yaml


Turns out this issue is because multipass or snapcraft didn’t have permission to create the snap file, in that particular directory. I have updated the permission and its working now.