Cannot open files in kde snaps

Kde snaps like okular and kate do not show an open dialog if selecting File > open or Ctrl+O.
I’m running Ubuntu Mate 18.10.
Is there something else needed to have this integration or is it up to the kde devs?

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Mayby reinstall snaps :thinking:

Hi if the problem persists please report a bug on project neon component snaps


@jriddell I alredy reported the bug :slight_smile: The open dialog started to work recently, but the snaps do not have the correct home set properly

Hi… the same happens to me…Ubuntu 16.04, just installed Okular snap. Every menu item that is supposed to open a file dialog, does nothing! Okular open a file as expected using the file explorer right click open with, or double click.

snap version
snap 2.39.3
snapd 2.39.3
series 16
ubuntu 16.04
kernel 4.4.0-154-generic

Seems solved just with kernel 4.4.0-157-generic

I have been using KDE snaps on Ubuntu, then Kubuntu and now Openbox and have not seen this problem.

I would notice as, with the exception of the terminal, email client and file browser; my entire workflow is driven by snaps, many of them published by KDE

I had seen the same/similar issue with some KDE snaps like Kate on my computer running Ubuntu MATE, but it is solved after I installed xdg-desktop-portal-gtk. I’m not sure if this was installed by default or not, or I might have removed it by accidental when I uninstalled the flatpak support packages. There’s also xdg-desktop-portal-kde.