Cannot get ver of libdevicemapper kernel

To test plugs for visual lvm, I have made a snap with followed set:

name: plugs-test version: ‘MAJOR.MINOR.STEP’ architectures:

  • build-on: amd64 run-on: amd64 summary: test description: | test

grade: stable confinement: strict plugs:

parts: visual-lvm-remote: plugin: dump

integration: plugin: nil stage-packages: [lvm2,dmidecode,libdevmapper1.02.1]

passthrough: layout: /etc/visual_lvm: bind: $SNAP_DATA/etc/visual_lvm /etc/lvm: bind: $SNAP_DATA/etc/lvm

apps: test: plugs: [block-devices,network-bind,mount-control,mount-observe,network-control,steam-support,network,system-observe,hardware-observe] command: bin/ $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 #!/bin/sh

$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9

when I try to create lv, it shows:

> plugs-test.test lvcreate -L1G -nvv tt
>   /run/lvm/lvmetad.socket: connect failed: No such file or directory
>   WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to internal scanning.
>   /dev/mapper/control: open failed: Operation not permitted
>   Failure to communicate with kernel device-mapper driver.
>   Check that device-mapper is available in the kernel.
>   Incompatible libdevmapper (unknown version) and kernel driver (unknown version).
>   striped: Required device-mapper target(s) not detected in your kernel.
>   Run `lvcreate --help' for more information.

Who knows how to communicate with kernel?

Thank you