Cannot create user data directory after install OBS on CentOS 7

Installed a brand new VPS with CentOS 7.5. Installed Snap. Then installed OBS-Studio.

Can start obs-studio as root, when trying to start as a normal user, i get an error stating:

Cannot create user data directory /home/admin/snap/obs-studio/1071: Permission denied.

OBS was installed via Snap as user “admin” with sudo as stated on the Snap install page for OBS.

Home folder is just the normal /home folder.

Please advise.

I don’t see any mention of admin and sudo here:

Can you execute mkdir -p /home/admin/snap/obs-studio/1071 as the admin user? Does it raise an error?

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The admin user is just a user i created. Added the admin user to the sudoers list and installed obs as user admin with sudo.

The description indeed never mentioned a user perse, so i never thought about it had to be installed with user root. I am also not the biggest *nix expert, I know my way around, but if it should have been installed by the user root - still with sudo - then I think I have to learn a bit more about the “sudo” part. I always thought with the sudo command, a “general” user (who is in the sudoers list) should be able to run elevated commands. I always thought as root you would never use sudo at all.

As to your question, yes, i can execute that very command. The folder will be from admin:admin and it does not raise any issues.

Trying to start obs after that will still give the same error, no permission.

I actually also used another page for installation.

I used this page: