Cannot close a track that's now deprecated

In Juju we’ve had several tracks for point releases on the various major releases over time. We’ve now gotten to the point where we’d like to close the 2.4 track. There’s some 40ish users of it according to stats and it’s noise for new users looking at the available list.

  stable:        2.6.1
  candidate:     ↑
  beta:          ↑
  edge:          2.7-beta1+develop-1e8804c
  2.6/stable:    2.6.1
  2.6/candidate: ↑
  2.6/beta:      ↑
  2.6/edge:      2.6.2+2.6-23c2cbb
  2.5/stable:    2.5.7
  2.5/candidate: ↑
  2.5/beta:      ↑
  2.5/edge:      2.5.8+2.5-0c72679
  2.4/stable:    2.4.7
  2.4/candidate: ↑
  2.4/beta:      ↑
  2.4/edge:      2.4.8+2.4-f8898ac
  2.3/stable:    2.3.9
  2.3/candidate: ↑
  2.3/beta:      ↑
  2.3/edge:      2.3.10+2.3-41313d1

Ideally I’d be able to close the 2.4 track as we don’t want users to get it any more. Existing users might get a hint to migrate to another track or latest via a failure to refresh to a track that now no longer exists.

Thanks for anything I can do to help kill off old versions over time.

If you close all the risks for a track, the track will no longer show.

For 2.4, the entire track still shows because you have stuff released to stable and edge. Do this:

snapcraft close juju 2.4/edge; snapcraft close juju 2.4/stable

and then it will no longer show.


$ snap info whatevs

  stable:           6.2.5 2019-03-26 (11) 2MB -
  candidate:        ↑                         
  beta:             ↑                         
  edge:             ↑                         
  xboard/stable:    6.2.5 2019-05-14 (11) 2MB -
  xboard/candidate: ↑                         
  xboard/beta:      ↑                         
  xboard/edge:      ↑                         
$ snapcraft close whatevs xboard/stable
Track    Arch    Channel    Version    Revision

The xboard/stable channel is now closed.

$ snap info whatevs
  stable:    6.2.5 2019-03-26 (11) 2MB -
  candidate: ↑
  beta:      ↑
  edge:      ↑
  • Daniel

Thanks, that worked. Appreciate the heads up.