Cannot apt-get update due to network issues

hello mr popey when i try to run “sudo apt-get update” i got this errors: Err:1 wheezy InRelease
Temporary failure resolving ‘

W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. please could you help me?

Your pi seems to be having issues connecting to the internet. How are you connecting to the pi? Are you using a serial port, directly attached keyboard/mouse?


To be clear, the problem you’re having is related to networking as Zyga mentioned - it has nothing to do with snapd itself.

Therefore I think the raspberry pi help forum might be a better place for you to get help.

this is here

first thank you for your reply; i connect the pi with my laptop using ethrnet for desplay with VNC and cable for power

thank you for your reply ; the pi is connecting with WIFI hotsot of my phone is it ok with that?`

@roadmr redirected you to where to take this question, this is not the best forum to ask how to solve the issue, it is not snap related, which is where the expertise lies.