Cannnot authorize launchpad to use a registered snap name


On behalf of the Ubuntu Budgie team we are trying to connect our launchpad project ubuntu-budgie-installer to the registered snap “ubuntu-budgie-installer”

Clicking the “authorize store uploads” button followed by “begin authorization” button shows the following error:

“The requested snap name ‘ubuntu-budgie-installer’ is not registered in the snap store. You can register it at

However ubuntu-budgie-installer is listed as a registered name:

Clicking the ubuntu-budgie-installer link though gives the following:

Any thoughts on how to authorize launchpad to use our snap name in the store?

Not a store team person here, but IIRC you need one upload to the edge channel at least to make the snap actually appear (the first upload generates the permanent snap ID that will be used throughout the snaps lifetime)

appreciate the feedback!

snapcraft upload --release=edge ubuntu-budgie-installer_0+git.d517ce7_amd64.snap
craft-store error: Store operation failed:
- resource-not-found: Snap not found for name=ubuntu-budgie-installer

So it appears that the snapstore is still having issues with the registered snap name.

Pretty sure we needed to approve the name request which was pending - I just did. Give it another try.

  • Daniel
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Ah - thanks - yes the upload was successful.

There is a however - its my bad - the owner is listed as me “fossfreedom” - it should have been for “Ubuntu budgie” which is the name for our other snaps such as ubuntu-budgie-welcome, gtk-theme-qogirbudgie and gtk-theme-pocillo.

Can this please be changed?

Sure, I’ve transferred the snap over :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Really appreciate this. Everything looks ok now - launchpad now appears to be authorised for store uploads