Can you update 0 A.D to version 0.23?

Hello good, an update for the game was released some time ago but they did not update their Snap.
Could they do it? Besides that. Which package would you update? 0ad or play0ad?
It would be the best that a package is in disuse (unsubscribe, that is not visible) as it generates confusion and that error will continue to expand

publisher: osomon

I was on an extended leave and didn’t notice the new release, thanks for bringing it to my attention!
An updated snap is currently building for amd64 and i386, expect an update in the store soon.

Alpha 23 is now in the candidate channel:

snap install 0ad --candidate


snap refresh 0ad --candidate

Please test and share feedback here.

I also unpublished the play0ad snap to avoid confusion.


@jor1196 have you had a chance to test the update from the candidate channel? Any feedback?

I get this every time I want to enter so enter through the command “snap run 0ad”

this is normal?

Good catch! I pushed a fix and the snap is now rebuilding.

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This looks like a graphical glitch, unlikely to be snap-specific. Can you report it upstream?

And the fix is now available in the candidate channel.

0 A.D. 0.23 is now in the stable channel.

I have also published an update to the play0ad snap that displays a dialog box to suggest uninstalling play0ad and installing 0ad instead:



thanks @oSoMoN! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: