Can you force Ubuntu's software center to use info from the store page instead of the .desktop file?

The Snap I’m trying to create actually has 2 “apps” within it, but I feel pretty strongly that they should both be distributed together in a single snap. The only problem is, the Ubuntu software center uses the name of one of these instead of the info on the store page.

Here’s my store page:

And this is how it shows up in the Software Center: Q1nbCHn

It says “Solarus Quest Launcher” (which is coincidentally solarus.desktop) but the other app, Solarus Quest Editor (solarus-quest-editor.desktop) is perhaps even more important/relevant.

This is the snapcraft.yml:

Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you!

I don’t have problems described by you.

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Thank you for the screenshot!! It turns out my Software Center wasn’t showing updated packages. I previously had a Solarus PPA in there and I think it was pulling from that.

The answer: reboot your machine.


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