Can we expect a feature to remove unused dependencies?

We should be able to uninstall unused dependencies. As a regular user may install only a few snaps, but as we continue to install and remove snaps, leaving all unused dependencies installed becomes impractical.

Currently, it’s challenging to manually identify which dependencies to remove:

Can we anticipate a future feature that allows the removal of these unused dependencies? When might this be implemented?

Thanks, team.

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yes, as e.g. the list of coreXX bases grows, it is definitely something that we should look into supporting. I don’t have an immediate timeline for this though ATM.


The core images are one thing, yes. But for these I think at least there is a check and you can’t remove one that is being used by an installed snap.

But there are also other things I have in my snap list like “gnome-42-2204”, “gtk-common-themes”, “hunspell-dictionaries-1-7-2004” which got pulled in by something else. But I don’t know which other snap uses those. I can remove them and snap will not complain. It’s probably not a hard dependency, but I don’t know what I loose and if it is being used by another snap.

Concerning the non-core snaps, shouldn’t looking at their snap connections be enough to determine if they are used by another one ?