Can someone tell me how the Snapcraft triage process works?

I don’t know how to file a store request and get an answer.

It’s so confusing to work with this forum and there is no good documentation to solve our problems on my own.

I’d really appreciate it if someone told me how is the process and answer me on these threads, Request for Review, Flutter Snapcraft.yaml

Thank you.

Hey @aliyazdi75,

Thanks for your post and apologize for the delay. There is a combination of reviewers on vacations, leaves and a lot of requests to process that is generating this delay.

Let me first confirm that this is the place to perform such questions and ask for help. The store-request tag is frequently visited by the @reviewers on a weekly rotation base. Regarding processes, and/or general documentation to help you with your snaps, I would say that a handful set of links which can help when building/troubleshooting are these ones:

I will now visit the other topics you created and hopefully can help you with your issues.