Can snapd-desktop-integration also solve Qt theming?

I’ve been investigating how to better integrate Qt applications on GTK-based desktops. The first step is to make Qt applications use QGnomeTheme on a GTK based desktop. This is a good stop-gap but it isn’t ideal because it provides only very basic theme integration and is hardcoded to use the Adwaita icon theme.

The ideal solution is to use QGnomePlatform, which provides very deep integration and theming support. This has the issue that it requires access to the GTK libraries, however. How to we give Qt snaps access to GTK libraries? Automatically connecting all kde-neon snaps to the GTK platform snap seems a bit much because this won’t be used on Qt-based desktops such as KDE Neon itself.

snapd-desktop-integration might be a good way to solve this issue: can we use it to install and connect a GTK platform snap when a Qt snap is running on a GTK-based desktop?

Paging @marcustomlinson and @jamesh since they seem to be working on this at the moment.