Can not install MicroStack snap from 20.10


I have a clean 20.10 and try to install MicroStack snap by following up, but unfortunately I got the error as below:

$ sudo snap install microstack --beta --devmode
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Mount snap "microstack" (217) (cannot ensure users for snap "microstack" required system username "snap_daemon": user: lookup username snapd-range-524288-root: no such file or directory

Although I feel the message is related to snap_daemon creation inside snap (System usernames), it’s not making sense to see that the official doc gave a easy instruction and the users indeed got stuck at snap. It’s uncomfortable user experience to me.

Hi, this bug has been fixed in snapd edge, can you try refreshing snapd to edge with

snap refresh snapd --edge

and then try installing this snap again?

@ijohnson, Solved! Thanks for updating. :slight_smile:

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