Can I request a brand store?

As a computer science student, currently building a prototype of an IoT device I might sell in the future, how can I get my own snap brand store?

As proposed here, I’ve sent a message to the Canonical sales team through the mentioned contact form (twice), describing my interest in a snap brand store. However, I still haven’t gotten any reply after a few weeks.

I’m wondering why this procedure is apparently used so little. Why isn’t it automated and transparent?

For me personally, the main selling point of snaps + Ubuntu Core seems to be that it provides developers with a platform for easily managing the software side of their IoT projects, offering a solid operating system, reliable/transactional software updates and an automated provisioning process (in a way comparable to services like resin.​io).

It seems legitimate and understandable to me that I have to request a ‘brand store’ from Canonical, which is the backbone for all these processes.
However, I would’ve expected this to be a cloud service that is easy to sign up for, and which has a transparent pricing model.

Can someone give me more details on who the target audience of brand stores is?

That is indeed the point and where a Brand Store fits in for commercial IoT devices. I apologize that the sales team hasn’t gotten back to you yet. Ping @lool possibly for some help, else I will followup internally and have someone get in touch.

We are working on exactly that but as with all things it takes time and our efforts have been focused elsewhere recently.

In the interim, you could prototype using the global store unless your snaps require restricted interfaces, but you can work around most of those by connecting manually.

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve tried to reach @lool via a PM in this forum, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

What else could I try? I’ve had some success testing with private snaps in the global store, but now I’d like to set up custom device images that have my snaps preinstalled, including those which require restricted interfaces. This really is an important aspect of my project, so a brand store would be very helpful to me.

Is there maybe a public roadmap document on what you are planning to implement with regards to snap and the snap store?