Can I remove my developer account?

Because I don’t need it anymore, the snap store is not smart, or it is a bullshit, I created a snap called ‘testxxx’ and uploaded it, but I can’t remove it from the store, I even can’t stand that my snap list contains a ‘testxxx’.

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You may set your snap to “unlisted”, where the snap is publicly installable by explicitly naming it but it will be hidden from search, or private where only you can access it by name and it will be hidden from search, by navigating to (you’ll need to login).

I suspect @roadmr or @emitorino can advise on the ability to remove the snap entirely or deleting your account. Note that if you are part of the Ubuntu community your account my be used for other purposes besides the Snap Store, such as,, the Ubuntu Forums, the Ubuntu Wikis, and other Ubuntu-related places. Deleting your account from the Snap Store will also delete it from these other places.

You may also remove your locally installed Snap from your system with snap remove testxxx, though you might prefer snap remove --purge testxxx which will ensure that any files created at runtime are deleted permanently (without --purge these other files will be saved for recovery purposes).


to make a snap gone from the outside world (not searchable or install-able) you just close the channel (via snapcraft to the store web UI) and it will not be available anymore … like @lucyllewy said though, only store admins can actually fully delete registered snap names or accounts …

@31core I have checked and I don’t see testxxx published anymore. Do you have any further request?

Out of curiosity, why did you find the store not smart or bullshit? Any constructive feedback you can give us will help us improve and provide a better experience for everyone. Thanks!