Can a snappy system work with just 256MB of memory?

I just came across this device:

It is a $10 board with a built-in 2G modem, 256MB ram and 512MB NAND. I was wondering if this could be a super-low-cost all-in-one solution for a remote sensing device running snapd. The memory is what I’m mostly worried about. I bet that we can make Linux boot on a 256MB board and I bet a properly written app can use 10-20MB of memory and do a gazillion of useful sensing. What I’m not so sure of is if snapd and the rest of the system would work with such severe memory shortage.

Has anyone looked into smoke-testing snapd with 256MB VM or real system?

it should work, you can try yourself using an i386 image in kvm and setting mem=256M on the kernel cmdline

update: oh, i only noticed after posting what board you pointed to, there shoould be an Ubuntu Core image for it already (we promoted that board at embedded world)

well, in fact it was the zero:

Wow, those are insanely priced. Where can we find images / gadget / kernel snaps for those?

i guess yo should ask the CE team