Call for testing: Wire

Call for testing wire


Wire is “the simple app that lets you communicate with text, voice, pictures, music and video — on phone, tablet and desktop”

How to install

snap install wire --candidate

Requested Setups

I don’t know many people on wire, so if you use wire, please add me - you can probably guess my username (or look at the screenshot above) :slight_smile: We can then test text chat, voice and video (if you’re okay with that).

As this is a strictly confined app, it should work just fine on any distro. I have only tried it on Ubuntu 16.04 so would love to know where else it works.


Hey, didn’t want to leave you hanging. I’ve begun downloading it and will send you a request via the app. At some point, I did have a wire acct but I quit using it for some reason (probably because of Telegram…).


Snap is working well, sent you a connection request.

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seems super smooth, looks great. i’m @andy_k on wire if anyone wants to try out all the features.

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Seems to work OK under Solus 3, as others… have added you.

A bit laggy clicking around, not sure if the app normally is like that anyway, will try it on windows as well later, but wasn’t a user before.

@popey I know you’re working at updating it with some new stuff. As for the current (as of 4 Oct), the app was freezing and then, my entire session would freeze and I had to force a reboot. Anyhow, just reporting what I find.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.3
DE: Unity7

We removed wire from the store because it wasn’t of sufficient quality. We’ll put it back once the snap has feature parity with non-snap variants. The snapcraft config is in the snapcrafters wire repo if anyone fancies taking a look.



We have (I think) fixed the wire snap. I’ve pushed an amd64 build to the candidate channel. I’d appreciate it if people could test!

snap install wire --candidate

I tested voice calls with an intrepid community member and it “Just Worked™”. YMMV. I’d appreciate feedback here!