Call for testing: UniMatrix

This is the snap for UniMatrix, “Python script to simulate the display from “The Matrix” in terminal. Uses half-width katakana unicode characters by default, but can use custom character sets. Accepts keyboard controls while running. Based on CMatrix.”. It works on Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and other major Linux distributions.
To install
sudo snap install unimatrix --beta
upstream repo:
snap repo:

Hello @omairqazi. On your test instructions, you are missing that the snap needs the --devmode flag.

I see that the one you pushed to beta is strict, nice work on that. But then please update the install instructions here to mention beta instead of edge. And you can close the edge channel: snapcraft close unimatrix edge

It looks sooo cool here :slight_smile:

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Hi @elopio ! I have edited the install instructions and closed the edge channel.

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