Call for testing: uhttpd

I would like to announce a call of testing for the uhttpd snap. uhttpd is a laughably-small HTTP server.

How to install

Get it from the Snap Store

or, in a terminal:

# Install the snap #
sudo snap install --channel=beta uhttpd

# Launch the application #
snap start uhttpd

# Put some files to the document root directory #
sudo sh -c 'printf "<h1>Hello uhttpd snap</h1>\n" > /var/snap/uhttpd/common/index.html'

# Profit #
xdg-open http://localhost:80


The snap service must be restarted manually for the following configurations to take effect:

sudo snap restart uhttpd

Customize the listening port(Default: 80)

sudo snap set uhttpd listening-port=8080

Customize the serving directory(Default: /var/snap/uhttpd/common) (EXPERIMENTAL, likely won’t work)

sudo snap set uhttpd document-root-dir=/media/USB

Toggle output of access logging(Default: false):

sudo snap set uhttpd enable-access-log=true

What to test

  • Can you properly launch the application?
  • Can you set the daemon to listen in alternate port?
  • Do you notice any problems during running the application?

How to contribute

Here’s the source repository of the snap: