Call for testing: ubuntu-frame, mir-kiosk, egmde and mir-test-tools snaps (Mir 2.5)

Call for testing: ubuntu-frame, mir-kiosk, egmde, mir-test-tools snaps

There are new builds of these Mir based snaps snap based on the latest release of Mir (Mir-2.5.0) detailed here:

To test, just switch to the candidate channel:

 snap refresh --candidate ubuntu-frame
 snap refresh --candidate mir-kiosk
 snap refresh --candidate egmde
 snap refresh --candidate mir-test-tools

And use as normal. Please let us know any results here.

If no problems are identified we aim to promote to stable in a week.

What’s new?

The significant changes for are:

  1. Electron applications can work with Wayland on these snaps
  2. Hiding the cursor works with GTK based apps
  3. There are some more (or newer) Wayland extensions to support OSK (but these snaps don’t currently include an OSK)

ubuntu-frame, egmde and mir-test-tools builds with Mir 2.5 are now on stable

[update] now also mir-kiosk

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