Call for testing: Ubuntu Frame (Mir 2.16.4 bugfix update), mesa-core22 (minor version update)

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Following the release of Mir 2.16.4 and Mesa 23.2.1 in Ubuntu, the following snaps were updated in the respective channels:

snap channel version
ubuntu-frame 22/candidate 134-mir2.16.4
mesa-core22 candidate 23.2.1

There has not been (and will not be) any update to the latest track for Ubuntu Frame. If you have Ubuntu Frame track latest deployed, please switch to track 20 for the least disruption (or track 22 for the latest features). For details see PSA: Retiring the latest tracks for ubuntu-frame*, graphics- and mir-test-tools (action required).

Ubuntu Frame track 22

The 22 track is the focus of ongoing development and contains the latest version of Mir: Mir Release 2.16.4. This update brings a handful of bugfixes in Mir, and one specific to Ubuntu Frame:

  • aa_getpeercon() failed for process: Protocol not available (#167)

Testing Ubuntu Frame track 22

To test, just switch to the candidate channel. For example:

snap refresh --channel 22/candidate ubuntu-frame


The snaps using this include:

You may be using mesa-core22 indirectly as it is a content snap, not an application. To check run the following command will list any snaps using it:

snap connections mesa-core22

Testing mesa-core22

Just switch to the candidate channel. For example:

snap refresh --channel candidate mesa-core22

Please let us know any results here.

If no problems are identified we aim to promote to stable in a week.

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