Call for testing: uber


Uber is a command line tool to check uber timings and prices when you are lazy to take out your phone.

How to install

sudo snap install uber --channel=beta


To check timings:

uber time 'pickup address'

To check prices:

uber price -s 'start address' -e 'end address'

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That’s incredibly cool! Works a treat here.

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Here is the Github repo if you are fine with adding it to the Snapcrafters repo.


Can’t seem to get any response for Ireland, for me hols.

Is Uber in Ireland ?

Works without any problems on Solus. Really cool project.

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@attache It seems that no, uber is not available in Ireland according to this?

To all that call this a cool project, sorry I should have left the original upstream repo to this amazing cli app, so that credits go to this person instead of me.

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@daniellimws I have imported it. Could you please request a transfer of the snap name from you to snapcrafters? I have pm’ed you the details on irc.

I’m going to rename the app uber-cli to be consistent with the upstream project. So no need to transfer uber. I’d recommend you unpublish the uber snap @daniellimws and we will use a new name I’ll register for snapcrafters. Once you unpublish, we’re done here. Thanks! :smiley:

@popey I don’t see any option to unpublish in the dashboard. May I know where is this option found?

You can use snapcraft close uber stable,beta,candidate,edge to close it.

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Just did that. :smiley: