Call for testing: tosheets


Hi everyone,

I’ve made a simple snap for tosheets, a tool created by kren1 which sends standard input to Google Sheets. It’s available on Snap Store - you can install it by typing:
sudo snap install tosheets --channel=beta
The repository of this snap can be found here.

There is one known bug (as for now): when running tosheets for the first time, it should open the default browser with the Google Account login page loaded, but unluckily it doesn’t work, so you need to open the outputted link manually in a web browser (this bug doesn’t exist if you install tosheets in devmode). If you have any idea how to fix it, feel free to propose a solution. Update: this issue has been fixed.

I’d be very thankful if you could install the snap and do some tests, like sending some data to a new or existing spreadsheet. For example, you can run the following command:
seq 1 10 | tosheets -c B2 --new-sheet=snaptest
and check if it works as it should.

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile: