Call for testing: term2048

Hello everyone!

I have turned the open-source python repository term2048 into a snap! (I am not the creator of the game, but I did create the snap of this game.)
Term2048 is the game 2048 but it’s all based in terminal! Have time to spare? Just relax and type in term2048 to get started.


To install this snap simply type in the command sudo snap install term2048.

If you have any problems while testing please tell me in this thread. Thanks!

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only problem seems to be that sometimes it blanks and doesn’t redraw. Only sometimes, and the game carries on you just need to remember what your next move was going to be and then it sorts itself out.

Hey @chipaca!

Yeah I’ve had that problem as well. It seems to be a problem with the source code. I don’t know what else to do about it other than to make an issue at the source repo and contact the original creator.

Sound like this one, right?

If so, it would be useful to comment in there that it happens also in other shells. If not, please report a new issue.

Thanks for your work here @jokinglove!

Hey @elopio, I checked that issue, it seems the user is talking about one individual tile ( for example, a 16 tile ), disappears when he combines 2 tiles when he pressed the arrow keys. In our case the whole game UI disappears and to make it reappear you have to press the arrow keys. I will create a new issue in the source repo.

EDIT: Here is the issue I opened

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