Call for testing: tcpie

Hi all,

I’ve made a snap for tcpie - a CLI tool to ping any TCP port. It’s available on the Snap Store - you can install it by typing:

sudo snap install tcpie

If you want to check the repository of this snap, you can do so:

I’d like to ask you to test this snap against different IP addresses/websites and ports. The description of how to use this tool can be found on GitHub. Here are some examples:

  $ tcpie -c 10 443
  $ tcpie -i .1

If you encourage any problem (app crash, etc.), please describe it in this topic, providing as many details as possible. I’d be thankful for any reports! :slight_smile:

Please remember that I’m not the author of this tool. All credits goes to silverwind.

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Great! Thanks @konrad11901.

I’ve installed it here and tried a few commands. No issues to report.