Call for testing: Snapcraft 8.2.3

Snapcraft 8.2.3 is in the 8.x/beta and latest/beta channels. It fixes two regressions when evaluating project variables in core24 snaps:

Full release notes can be found at

8.2.3 will be promoted to 8.x/stable and latest/stable sometime next week.

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Hi all,

Apologies for the noise and the rapid releases, but we’ve decided to accelerate the hotfix release schedule. They are addressing regressions only in core24 and we’re reasonably confident about the fixes based on feedback.

With that said, 8.2.3 is now on 8.x/stable and latest/stable!

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I’ve been trying out snapcraft 8.2.3 to upgrade my snap from core22 to core24 base.

Everything appeared to work fine, so I released the snap to the beta channel.

If I had the prior beta version installed (which used core22) then ran sudo snap refresh mysnap it did upgrade to the core24 beta.

However, when I went to sudo snap remove core22 it gave me an error that cannot remove "core22": snap "core22" is not removable: snap is being used by snaps mysnap and lxd.

If I sudo snap remove mysnap && sudo snap install mysnap --channel=beta then trying to remove core22 does not have a dependency on mysnap cannot remove "core22": snap "core22" is not removable: snap is being used by snap lxd.

All this to say that it appears that upgrading a snap from a base of core22 to core24 does not allow the removal of core22, but freshly removing and reinstalling the same snap does.

Interesting, thanks for the report. I suspect this is because snapd retains 2 copies of a snap - the currently installed revision and the previously installed revision. If the previous revision was still a core22 snap, that could explain why the core22 snap was still marked as a dependency.