Call for testing Snapcraft 8.2.2

Another hotfix of Snapcraft is available as we continue to get feedback for building core24 snaps.

Snapcraft 8.2.2 is in the 8.x/candidate and latest/candidate channels. It fixes two regressions with advanced grammar in core24 snaps:

  • Advanced grammar could not be used in root-level part keywords build-packages and build-snaps (LP#2061603)
  • Advanced grammar could not be combined with other data (#4764)

Full release notes can be found at

8.2.2 will be promoted to 8.x/stable and latest/stable on 2024-05-02T05:00:00Z.

We’re planning another hotfix release on candidate later this week, which likely will be promoted to stable on 2024-05-07T05:00:00Z.

@mr_cal The installed_base_by_architecture and weekly_installed_base_by_architecture metrics are working nicely. Thank you for helping me get those in.


8.2.2 has been promoted to stable.

@DWD, glad it’s working for you, thanks for the contribution! That feature should be available in latest/edge but won’t make its way to stable until the release of snapcraft 8.3.