Call for testing: Snapcraft 8.2.1

Snapcraft 8.2.1 is available in the 8.x/candidate and latest/candidate channels.

8.2.1 fixes some regressions for building core24 snaps. Full release notes can be found at

See the migration guide for information on migrating to core24.

8.2.1 will be promoted to 8.x/stable and latest/stable on 2024-04-29T05:00:00Z.

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8.2.1 has been promoted to 8.x/stable and latest/stable.


If you experience regressions and need to revert to the previous stable release 8.0.5, use snap refresh snapcraft --revision <revision> with the following revision numbers:

  • amd64: 11040
  • arm64: 11042
  • armhf: 11054
  • ppc64el: 11048
  • riscv64: 11063
  • s390x: 11049

Please raise an issue for any regressions. You can comment on this forum post, raise a bug in github, or post in matrix.

remote build

There have been a few changes to snapcraft remote-build since the last stable release. See the release notes for 8.1.0, 8.2.0, and 8.2.1 for details.

For CI jobs that inject credentials, note that the location of launchpad credentials has changed to ~/.local/share/snapcraft/launchpad-credentials.

The previous remote-build behavior is still available with SNAPCRAFT_REMOTE_BUILD_STRATEGY="force-fallback". See the docs for details.

Update: We have a regression with advanced grammar for core24 snaps. The error looks something like:

2024-04-29 07:28:16.122 Processing grammar for build-packages: ['build-essential', {'on amd64': ['gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu']}, {'on arm64': ['gcc']}]
2024-04-29 07:28:16.123 Bad snapcraft.yaml content:
- string type expected (in field '[1]')
- string type expected (in field '[2]')

Details on the bug can be found here: Regression: Advanced grammar cannot be combined with other data · Issue #4764 · canonical/snapcraft · GitHub

We’re planning to release an 8.2.2 hotfix on 2024-04-30T05:00:00Z to fix this.