Call for testing: Snapcraft 4.5

Snapcraft 4.5 is on the candidate channel

Draft release notes can be found on the Release page.

The team would appreciate any feedback pertinent to this release.

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Running the core20 base with the new gnome 3-38 extension has fixed a long standing issue with font cache incompatibility with one of my snaps, so thanks for all the work <3

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EXPERIMENTAL: Setting the squash FS compression to ‘lzo’

Still experimental?

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FWIW, from the snapd side of things LZO support is no longer experimental and has been fully enabled for all snaps.

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@adasiko @ijohnson Opened PR to remove experimental notice:

Thanks for pointing it out :smiley:


Snapcraft 4.5.1 is now on candidate, with fixes for:

  • locked pip to working version with python 3.5
  • improvements to python integration with the gnome-3-38 and gnome-3-34 extension
  • removed unnecessary experimental warning when using lzo

Changeset for 4.5 and it’s followup 4.5.1 which is now on the stable channel for snapcraft.