Call for testing: Snapcraft 4.4

Snapcraft 4.4 is on the candidate channel, with particular fixes for:

  • Improved font generation (performance) when using Snapcraft’ desktop extensions.
  • Package Repository updates.
  • Progressive Releases with metrics.
  • Many paper cuts have been resolved.

Full notes are on the Release page

The team would appreciate and welcome feedback from running Snapcraft 4.4 from the candidate channel.


Can someone confirm if the font generation fixes would have any impact on the issue below, provided snaps are rebuilt on the newest snapcraft and make use of the Snapcraft extensions?

If I’m reading it right then this fixes this fairly huge problem but I thought I’d just do a double check incase I’m misinterpreting the full impact.

This fixes the usual square boxes reports across snaps, yes.


Thanks for the confirmation, that’s wonderful news and basically knocks off the biggest single inconsistency I’ve seen in deployed desktop snaps so it’ll be amazing to see that roll out. :partying_face:


I’ve updated the package joplin-james-carroll; rebuilding it with snapcraft 4.4 from the candidate channel. Joplin is an Electron application currently on version 8.2.5; and in this snap on Gnome 3-28 extension.

A user has complained that the fonts still show up as square boxes still.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the boxes error myself in a liveCD environment, it works fine for me there.

The users bug report is here for anyone interested.

Is there anything that I should consider here?


I’ve just rebuilt Libreoffice with snapcraft 4.4 and tested various fonts on a kubuntu focal vm and they all looked like what I expected.


I’ve replied on the Issue

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Great! Is this libreoffice revision available on a channel by any chance?

I’ve rebuilt several GNOME snaps with 4.4 and all seem fine. I’ve also verified they all get font caches generated at install time. All good.

Yes it’s in candidate :slight_smile:

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After some feedback I have released 4.4.1 to account for mainly:

  • moving font cache from SNAP_DATA to SNAP_COMMON
  • fixing some paper cuts with ROS related projects.

While 4.4.1 is on candidate it will shortly make its way to stable.

This release is now on the stable channel