Call for testing: snapcraft 3.3

Hello Snapcrafters! The Snapcraft team is delighted to announce that version 3.3 is now available.

These are the release notes.

The snapcraft snap for 3.3 currently available in the candidate channel, to try it out run:

$ sudo snap install --candidate --classic snapcraft

Of, if you already have it installed, to try it out run:

$ sudo snap refresh --candidate snapcraft

I ran β€œsome” tests overnight using snapcraft 3.3. Some failures, but they’re the same failures I get with other releases, so nothing to worry about. Looks good to me!

snapcraft on host: 
snapcraft, version 3.3 
multipass on host: 
multipass v0.5-208-gfe05e95  
multipassd v0.5-208-gfe05e95  
lxd on host: 
βœ“ - dosbox-jz-snap (multipass)
βœ“ - android-studio (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - android-studio-canary (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - atom (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - axel (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - brackets (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - corsixth (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - cumulonimbus (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - ddgr (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - discord (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - discord-ptb (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - dosbox-x (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - duckmarines (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - eclipse (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - fkill (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - get-iplayer (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - ghost-desktop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - gitter-desktop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - googler (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - helm (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - inadyn (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - irccloud-desktop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - irssi (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - jenkins (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - links (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - magic-wormhole (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mattermost-desktop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mdl (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - minetest (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mosaic (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mrrescue (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mumble (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mumble-stable (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - mutt (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - nano (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - newsboat (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - obs-studio (multipass)
βœ“ - offlineimap (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - opentoonz (multipass)
βœ“ - opentoonz-morevna (multipass)
βœ“ - opentyrian (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - photoscape (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - pypy (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - pypy3 (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - pyradio (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - scummvm (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - sdlpop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - sentry (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - signal-desktop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - simplenote (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - slack-term (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - spelunky (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - steamforwindows (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - storjshare-gui (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - sublime-text (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - tcpie (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - teleconsole (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - term2048 (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - thelounge (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - tmnationsforever (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - uber-cli (cleanbuild)
πŸ—™ - vagrant (multipass)
βœ“ - vault (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - vscode (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - warzone2100 (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - wethr (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - wire (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - wordpress-desktop (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - xonotic (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - yakyak (cleanbuild)
βœ“ - evince (multipass)
βœ“ - gedit (multipass)
βœ“ - eog (multipass)
βœ“ - quadrapassel (multipass)

Using edge and candidate for a couple of snaps, so far so good.

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I’ve tested snapcraft 3.3 revision 2722 from candidate by building the seeded snaps (gnome-calculator, gnome-logs, gnome-system-monitor, and gnome-characters. All built as expected and the result was fine.

I also built evince from upstream, which has the snapcraft.yaml in build-aux/snap, this also built fine.


This release is now on stable

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Cheers! :clinking_glasses: