Call for testing: Snapcraft 3.11

Hello Snapcrafters! The Snapcraft team is delighted to announce that version 3.11 is now available.

The snapcraft snap for 3.11 currently available in the candidate channel, to try it out run:

$ sudo snap install --candidate --classic snapcraft

Of, if you already have it installed, to try it out run:

$ sudo snap refresh --candidate snapcraft

One feature of this snapcraft release is the addition of the gnome-3-34 extension. This makes it easier to snap gnome apps as well as providing them with newer libraries (commonly used in gnome apps) than are available in the core18 base snap. A list of the newer libraries can be found in the gnome-3-34 build snap, which is provided to all parts (in a yaml that use the gnome-3-34 extension) at build time.

To try out this extension:

  1. Remove the following plugs (note your app may need other plugs not listed here) since they are automatically provided:
            interface: content
            target: $SNAP/data-dir/themes
            default-provider: gtk-common-themes
                interface: content
                target: $SNAP/data-dir/icons
                default-provider: gtk-common-themes
                interface: content
                target: $SNAP/data-dir/sounds
                default-provider: gtk-common-themes
                interface: content
                target: $SNAP/gnome-platform
                default-provider: gnome-3-34-1804
  1. Remove these app plugs (automatically provided):
plugs: [ desktop, desktop-legacy, gsettings, wayland, x11 ]
  1. Remove any part that used the desktop helpers scripts.
  2. Add the extension in the app section like this example:
+       extensions: [gnome-3-34]
        command: desktop-launch tali
  1. Change how the app is run like this example:
        extensions: [gnome-3-34]
-       command: desktop-launch tali
+       command: usr/bin/tali
  1. Remove any build-packages that are listed in the build snap.

Build and enjoy!


Hi thanks for this! I think once it gets promoted it would be nice to reference this post in the documentation at gtk-applications, so that newcomers can use this as well. I think something at the end like: Update March 2020 - Snapcraft 3.11 and Gnome 3.32 support (linking back here) :blush:

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There is actually a blog post ready to go out once this snapcraft is in stable. And I plan to use that as the foundation of a new docs page so that users find this info by going to the official snapcraft docs.

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I’ve converted quite a few snaps to use the gnome-3-34 extension, no issues. I’ve also rebuilt a bunch of the GNOME snaps using gnome-3-28 extension and tested those, all looks fine!

Great work!

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3.11 is now on the stable channel

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I haven’t seen the blogpost yet, but instead of creating a new page, wouldn’t it be better to just replace the gtk-3-applications page with the one based on your blogpost? The page is intended to show the latest recommended way to snap GTK 3 applications and there’s not much use in keeping outdated recommendations around, I think. I’m assuming we want everyone to use the gnome-3-32 extension instead?

I think for every new iteration of the extension, we should update the tutorials to the new extension and add a new page to the list of extensions.

Right. We were waiting to publish the blog post until snapcraft 3.11 (the one with the gnome-3-34 extension) was put into stable… That has happened now so we’re looking to get the post published soon! (just needs some final review)

I agree that the blog post content should be in the gtk-3-applications page but maybe not replace it all together (there’s some good stuff here). I plan to merge the two into the gtk-3-applications page once the post is published and I fully agree that this page should be kept up to date with every new published gnome extension.